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Alaris Financial Literacy Supports 2010 Real Economic Impact Tour

Alaris Financial LiteracyTM, the leading financial literacy e-learning curriculum, is playing a prominent role in the 2010 Real Economic Impact Tour (REI Tour). The Alaris Financial Literacy Credit Management curriculum will be donated to assist 10,000 low-income persons with disabilities in the 100 cities that the REI Tour will visit. For more information on the REI Tour, .

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Alaris Financial Literacy enables participants to experience Life Scenarios, Games, Financial Calculators and Virtual Learning Environments accompanied by an avatar functioning as their personal mentor. The avatar helps learners resolve personal financial difficulties while reinforcing the importance of essential topics such as Credit Management, Budgeting, Identity Theft, Debt Management, and more. Alaris Financial Literacy programs are highly effective educational aids for employees, associates and members of corporations, organizations, government agencies and postsecondary today.


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